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NAMM 2016

This weekend, I am going to music geek out at NAMM 2016, so if you don’t hear from me after this Sunday, it’s because I’ve overdosed on the smell of fresh guitar resin or stage fog machine juice, and likely had a seizure staring at strobe lighting rigs for too long. Or possibly, I’ve been crushed under the weight of a… Read more →

Belly Up Tavern Show

Just wanted to throw out a quick announcement that I’m performing at the Belly Up Tavern on January 29 as a part of an awesome acoustic line-up! Rhyme-slinger Rob Deez will be joining me on stage. The night will also feature performances by Rob Bondurant, Tolan Shaw and Yovee! I’ve performed on the Belly Up stage many times but this will actually be the first time… Read more →

Songs by Local Artists I Want to Cover

I played a show at the legendary Java Joe’s in Ocean Beach the other night and was overwhelmed by the amazing talent of the San Diego music scene. There are so many fantastic singer/songwriters here and it’s a shame that more people aren’t exposed to their music. I think Jeffrey Joe said it best when he said, “On a night… Read more →

The Other Night

The other night, I found myself running around this enormous parking structure. And as I was running, I had the strange sense that as hard as I was trying to reach my car, I just wasn’t getting there fast enough. For some reason, I thought it would be faster to skip the elevator and take the way I came in… Read more →

Introducing the Band

I can’t seem to stop bragging about my new band! It’s like they have completely re-energized me and are taking my music to places I’ve only daydreamed about. Check out this little promo video I made earlier: Instead of rehashing everything that I’ve been putting out to the world about these guys, I thought I might do something a little… Read more →


I think salt gives me crazy dreams. Not to be confused with delusions. Life gives me those. I was at a summer camp and our parents were coming to visit so we had to make the place look halfway decent. Unfortunately for us when we found out they were coming, we only had 20 minutes to prepare. It was like… Read more →

Nice Dream

Last night I had a dream that I opened for Will Ferrell and some other performer in some club, about the same size as Lestat’s West but somehow felt more cramped. I remember going out onto the stage and feeling really uncomfortable about the performance. I think my shoes were too tight and the air was overly humid or something.… Read more →


I know when I’m getting stressed out about something when I start having nightmares about it. Last night, I had a dream that I accidentally broke the neck of my Martin because I was playing it too hard or because I picked it up wrong or something. The details are vague. But I vividly remember that it was the day… Read more →