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The Adult Books TwOUR

I’m heading out on the road again! This time, Rob Deez, Broni from Australia, and Isaac Cheong (with special guest Mikael G.K.) will be making our collective ways from San Diego to Denver, CO. You can follow our adventures on twitter: @kennyeng or @adultbookstour 9/12 _ 10:00pm Room 5 143 North La Brea Ave. Los Angeles, CA (323) 938-2504 9/13… Read more →

I Took A Tumble

Hey everyone, Just thought it was about time to give you all an update about my health. I have been in the hospital since the Friday after Thanksgiving in Oakland, CA after a pretty nasty fall down a steep, rocky hill. I was rushed by ambulance to Marin County General’s ER and ICU and moved over to Kaiser Hospital in… Read more →

Where the Hell Have I Been?

I’ve been purposely laying low lately. It’s been a really busy year with all the shows, trips and events and I decided after a particularly hectic month that I needed to scale back for a few weeks. It’s been nice, too for a couple of different reasons: 1) My little break has given me some time to recuperate and reassess… Read more →

Saying Goodbye to An Old Friend

It’s funny how attached a person can get to material possessions. I’ve had my trusty silver 2001 Ford Focus since late-2004 and sadly, it was time for me to move on and send my little car off to greener pastures. Maybe it is because I’m another year older that’s making me so sentimental but thinking back on all the fun… Read more →

Words to Live By

In the spirit of full disclosure, I just wanted you know know that we are experiencing some speed bumps on the road to making the next album (already). Go figure. It’s bound to happen with any kind of production like this and mine is no exception. Sadly, our friend Jeff is leaving the band for personal reasons. I am devastated… Read more →

Thank You from the Adult Books Tour!

I’m sitting in bed right now trying to recover from a cold that I undoubtedly caught from being on the road and the many adventures we had. I wish I could tell you all the crazy antics that went on over the last week but I couldn’t do it justice (and there are video/picture/audio recordings floating around that may or… Read more →

Introducing the Band

I can’t seem to stop bragging about my new band! It’s like they have completely re-energized me and are taking my music to places I’ve only daydreamed about. Check out this little promo video I made earlier: Instead of rehashing everything that I’ve been putting out to the world about these guys, I thought I might do something a little… Read more →

Next Steps

June was probably the craziest month of being a musician that I’ve ever had. Aside from going on a ten-day tour of the West Coast, I also had non-stop gigs at the San Diego Fair as a solo act and as the electric guitar player in the John Hull Band who competed in the Musicpalooza contest. A grand total of… Read more →