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Everything Is a Remix

Saw this documentary on Vimeo the other day when I was going through some growing pains. The first few minutes of the clip really spoke to me about how I’ve always seen music and where I want to go with it. I’m thinking about possibly changing the shirts to say something more along those lines instead of the current text… Read more →

2010- Kenny Eng (BETA)

Happy New Year everyone! Yes, it’s already 11 days into the year but I’m going to keep saying “Happy New Year” until I stop accidentally writing 2009 on everything. I’ve already had a busy year with “Live from Lestat’s” CD release, a few BIG shows later on in the year and the big media push for the last few weeks… Read more →


I went to lunch with a friend/very funny comic Mal Hall the other day and the topic of self-marketing came up. I’ve always respected Mal for being so confident in himself that he could send out blast emails and event invitations without really worrying that he might be annoying people. He’s a great comedian and he has something great to… Read more →