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A Song A Week

I’ve been calling myself a singer/songwriter for a while now. And as ambiguous and contentious as that label is for many of artists in the music community, it does make one thing undeniably clear- I consider myself to be a person that writes songs and sings. The only problem is that I have a hard time calling myself a songwriter… Read more →

Art vs. Science

A few days ago, my childhood friend Daniel said that he never would have guessed I would be “right brained”. I knew he was talking about my newfound interest in photography but it was such a strange idea to me that people would either be artistically inclined or primarily logical. I had never given it much thought before but the… Read more →

Welcome Back (Almost)

What a strange ride the last six months have been. I didn’t think I’d come away from everything that has happened with anything other than a few scars and some new hardware in my hips, but I have to admit that I have been learning and experiencing new things non-stop since late-November. I’ve been back in San Diego for about… Read more →

Compilation Album Artwork Contest

So a few months ago I recorded an unreleased song called “Torn” for a compilation album (title TBA). Now, I’m looking for some creative friends and fans to help me with some artwork! Just submit a piece to info@kennyeng.com by 7/24/2010 as a high quality .pdf file (the artwork may be resized to accommodate the album design). The winner will… Read more →

Tour Jitters and New Songs

It must happen to everyone… I have this waking nightmare that something is going to go horribly wrong during the tour. Nothing life or death really but more like I won’t make it to a show on time because the car breaks down or I get sick and have to cancel half the tour. I guess it’s a good thing… Read more →