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A few days ago, my childhood friend Daniel said that he never would have guessed I would be “right brained”. I knew he was talking about my newfound interest in photography but it was such a strange idea to me that people would either be artistically inclined or primarily logical. I had never given it […]

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It’s 6:22 am in Oahu, HI and I’ve been sitting in my room watching the sun rise directly outside my window. It’s the one time in recent memory that I haven’t been annoyed with myself for not adjusting to the local time. In fact the payoff is pretty great. It’s hard to beat a view […]

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It’s wonderful how you never get tired of seeing beautiful sunsets. I get to see them almost everyday and they always feel new and exciting. I’m so spoiled to live in such a lovely place where catching one of these views is really a matter of heading home from somewhere equally as beautiful. It’s a […]

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Now that I’m playing with a band, I can finally do what I’ve always wanted to do: rip some shred-tastic solos. Not really. But kinda. I love the idea of a guitar solo enhancing a songs emotional weight. There’s just so much more I can do on an electric guitar than I can on an […]