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The Adult Books TwOUR

I’m heading out on the road again! This time, Rob Deez, Broni from Australia, and Isaac Cheong (with special guest Mikael G.K.) will be making our collective ways from San Diego to Denver, CO. You can follow our adventures on twitter: @kennyeng or @adultbookstour 9/12 _ 10:00pm Room 5 143 North La Brea Ave. Los Angeles, CA (323) 938-2504 9/13… Read more →

Summer Tour Vlog #1 and Updates

We’re in Alameda, CA now hanging out, waiting for the shows in San Francisco. Probably gonna film some more “music videos” or something. Maybe we’ll paint the town red. As long as Katy or Ivan picks the color. Colorblindness is not a handicap. Check out our tour vlog! More to come soon. Social Read more →


I know when I’m getting stressed out about something when I start having nightmares about it. Last night, I had a dream that I accidentally broke the neck of my Martin because I was playing it too hard or because I picked it up wrong or something. The details are vague. But I vividly remember that it was the day… Read more →

Tour Jitters and New Songs

It must happen to everyone… I have this waking nightmare that something is going to go horribly wrong during the tour. Nothing life or death really but more like I won’t make it to a show on time because the car breaks down or I get sick and have to cancel half the tour. I guess it’s a good thing… Read more →