Kenny Eng is doing his own thing.

He made this perfectly clear with the independent release of his debut EP “Self Centered” in June of 2008. And “Self Centered” was no average collection of songs from the stereotypic, starry-eyed troubadour. These self-penned songs were intelligent, challenging and mature both musically and lyrically and the complexity of these songs made Kenny an immediate standout in the singer/songwriter community.

But Kenny’s ability to move in and out of different genres of music and his budding virtuosity were only touched upon on his first record. He spent the next 18 months honing his skills and building his reputation as a uniquely talented performer all over the West Coast. In early 2010, he released “Live From Lestat’s”, a compilation of two shows from Lestat’s West in San Diego, CA. This release showcased his impressive development as a solo-performer and features five new songs from his upcoming full-length album.

If you were to tell the Alameda, CA native that one day he’d be a musician that has performed in some of the most respected venues on the West Coast, he wouldn’t believe you. He’d say he was “too shy, not good enough,” or at the very least, “not ready.” Fast forward to the present and Kenny would still say that he isn’t as good as he could be. But that hasn’t prevented him from performing with nationally recognized performers nor has it deterred fans, critics and other musicians from noticing his musical talent.

What makes Kenny different from so many other artists is the fact that his sound is so hard to categorize. He is equal parts Motown R&B, classic rock and Jeff Buckley but not really any of them at the same time. He can shift from the dark, ominous landscape heard on “The Tongue” to the whimsical, light-hearted “If I See You Again” in a split second. And his own musical tastes are just as varied. At any given performance, Kenny could perform songs by The Beatles to Bill Withers to Radiohead without even batting an eye.

Kenny is doing his own thing. He is a strictly independent artist who is practically impossible to categorize. He has two critically acclaimed EPs added to his already impressive resume with another full-length album on the way. He is determining his own career by letting his talent take him where he wants to go. And most importantly, he refuses to be complacent. With his track record, it would be difficult to determine what Kenny will do next but he can be counted on to make it worth your while to pay attention.

Kenny is available for corporate performances, weddings, and other special events as a solo musician, duo, or full band. Please contact for more information. 


2011- Asian Heritage Awards, Performing Arts- Nominee
2010- San Diego Music Awards, Best Acoustic- Nominee
2010- Asian Heritage Awards, Performing Arts- Nominee
2008- 103.7 Radio Sophie Songwriter Contest- Winner
2007- San Diego H. A. T. Awards, Best New Artist- Nominee