2010- Kenny Eng (BETA)

Happy New Year everyone!

Yes, it’s already 11 days into the year but I’m going to keep saying “Happy New Year” until I stop accidentally writing 2009 on everything.

I’ve already had a busy year with “Live from Lestat’s” CD release, a few BIG shows later on in the year and the big media push for the last few weeks (not to mention a very successful show in San Francisco at the Hotel Utah at the beginning of the year). Oh, did I mention that I’m finally assembling a backing band? We’ll probably start performing in late February. Keep those ears open!

As always, my whole perspective on my music career is shifting and I’m on the verge of what may be my most important self-discovery to date. I think I’ve finally found a way to reconcile my love of music, my desire to succeed as a performing singer/songwriter and my disdain for promotion and the music industry. It’s really no big secret or grand, inventive scheme. But it is a revelation to me.

I know what you’re thinking… at least I think I do. It could be, “tell us this new idea” or “who cares”. Either way, I think I’ll hold onto this thought for a bit longer. Besides, when was the last time people were thrilled to hear a marketing plan for someone else?

What I will share is that in order for this to work, I’ll need your support. You don’t have to send your friends mass text messages about shows or RT anything that I say. In fact, you don’t have to do anything! I just need to be sent good vibes! Come hang out once in a while at a show. Or drop me a line on any of the social media sites I’m on. If you feel inclined to share my music, that would make my day! Just help me feel like what I’m doing is appreciated and I’ll keep returning the favor.

On a different note, “Live from Lestat’s” is going to be here this Friday! I’m really excited to show you where I’ve gone in the last year and a half.

Hope to hear from you soon!
Kenny Eng (BETA)