2010 San Diego Music Award Nomination

I was blessed to find out that I have been nominated for a 2010 San Diego Music Award in the Best Acoustic category! I can’t tell you how much of a surprise it is for me and how completely floored I am. I am unbelievably honored to be even considered, especially since the category I am nominated in is filled with people that I respect and admire.

I have been awestruck by the SDMAs since I moved to San Diego in 2007. People that I’ve enjoyed listening to like Jason Mraz, Switchfoot and Blink 182 have all been a part of this celebration of San Diego music and I’ve admired them all from afar. It’s strange and surreal to suddenly find myself following in the footsteps of all of these San Diego musicians before me. I won’t go as far as to say that we are now peers, but I feel like I’m one step closer to my heroes.

I see this journey like a small-town kid’s move to a big city. I look at all of the things that I’ve done in the years leading up to the present with a childlike wonderment. Not much has been lost on me and everyday I wake up in disbelief that this is actually my life. It’s been a crazy, strange trip and I will do everything I can to keep going!

On August 1, people will be able to vote and I would love it if you took a few minutes to vote for your favorite/deserving San Diego music/musician (I’ll post a link soon). It would REALLY be icing on the cake if you decided that I was that musician! After everything you’ve given me, I would be content for the rest of my life.

Thank you again from the bottom of my heart. While awards are a wonderful way to validate my passions, nothing comes close to the love and support all my family, friends and fans give me every day.

See you soon!


Voting has begun for the San Diego Music Awards! If you have a little bit of time, please check out the wonderful music the nominees have made and vote! Hope to see you all soon!