Adult Books Tour Coming Your Way

Rob, Isaac and I are officially embarking on the “Adult Books Tour” tomorrow! Check out all the tour dates here.

I have to say, it has not been without it’s challenges. Even as we speak, dates are been moved and rearranged so please check the schedule frequently. We will also be making announcements via the Adult Books Tour Twitter, our own Twitter accounts and Facebook just to keep everyone up to date (including ourselves). We weren’t able to get the transportation we wanted so we had to be creative and pull some strings, either. In case you didn’t know, it’s kinda hard to put on a tour. Even if it’s only ten days long!

But all that being said, if the laughing and good times we’ve all had spending the last few days hanging out and rehearsing and whatnot are any indication of what will happen when we’re finally out on the road, it will be hilarious! I’m sure we’ll post some videos and pictures so definitely check my YouTube and photos.

In fact, here are a few already!

This may be premature, but thank you for joining us and supporting us on our little adventure! We hope to see you at the shows and promise to make it a fun evening of music! Please keep spreading the word and we’ll see you on the road!