All Grown Up

It’s hard to believe that my little sister is growing up. Just this past weekend, Ashley and I went up to the Bay Area to see her graduate from high school (we were born eight years apart) and it was one of the most meaningful moments in my life to watch her walk across that stage. After the ceremony and they played their class song (“Time of Your Life”- Green Day… how original), we fought through the throngs of graduates and their family and friends to have a brief few moments with her before she set off to congratulate and celebrate with all of her friends. It’s crazy to me how much she’s grown up in the last few years.

Even crazier (but not unexpected), she is headed off to college in September at my alma mater UC Davis!

I’ve kept this picture with me since I graduated from high school. It’s gotten me through a few homesick times and hopefully, Kristin will keep the more recent picture with her too.

The Eng Family- 2003

The Eng Family- 2011

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