Introducing the Band

I can’t seem to stop bragging about my new band! It’s like they have completely re-energized me and are taking my music to places I’ve only daydreamed about. Check out this little promo video I made earlier:

Instead of rehashing everything that I’ve been putting out to the world about these guys, I thought I might do something a little more personal here.

Jeff “Jefe/Glue” Johnson


Jeff was the first member of the band that officially joined. We met before around the music scene when he was playing in various other bands but never really got together to play music. One day, “Doktor” Dave Sawyer and I were talking about bass players and my interest in starting a band and he suggested Jeff. I didn’t really think anything of it because I wasn’t prepared to start practicing with a band so I just kinda moved on.

A few months later, I found myself accompanying Brenda Xu in her band and lo, and behold, in walks Jeff as the new bassist. After playing a few shows together, it became obvious that Jeff would be a great fit for my band. The guy’s mind is always going to places I would have never even imagined and his playing and joking around reflects that! As if this doesn’t sound enough like a couple’s autobiography, after one rehearsal, we went to eat dinner at a local restaurant and the owners thought we were on a date. But that’s an entirely different story that Jeff tells much better than I do.

Rodney Jones

5028237605_3263accea2_oI met Rodney at the Asian Cultural Festival of all places. He was playing drums with our mutual friend Terry Matsuoka and when I first heard him play, I immediately knew I had to talk to him. Started listing people he’s played with and the kind of gigs he is used to, I was almost too intimidated to ask him if he wanted to try sitting in with me. After getting together a few times, I knew his addition to the band would make us a band to be reckoned with. Rodney is one of the busiest musicians I know yet somehow he makes time for me. To me, that is an amazing testament to the friend that Rodney is.

Keith Adams


Even though Keith has been with us for the least amount of time, I’ve known him the longest. We met in college when were both studying music at UC Davis. Since then, he has played shows with me around Davis, CA when I was trying to figure out if being a performing singer/songwriter was something I wanted to do. Some of the earliest songs I wrote, Keith was there to help me refine them. We’ve even written a few songs together that we have a laugh about.

When I found out that Keith had moved back to the San Diego area, it was an easy decision to make. We got together once again to work out my new songs and within a few days, Keith was up on stage with us. He has quickly become an essential ingredient to the music we make lending not only his impressive guitar playing but also his creative talent as well.

I hope you will make it out to see us perform soon! Like I said, it is a huge thrill and honor to play with such talented musicians. Check out the show schedule to see where we’ll be next!