Making a Switch- to Saxophone

I bet you didn’t know that I’m a classically trained musician. Ok, maybe you knew that. But what you probably didn’t know is that I played piano and saxophone for the first 10 years of my classical training. And while I love the guitar and have worked really hard at it, I actually see myself as a better player on piano and soprano sax.

The thing is, everyone plays piano. It’s almost a cliche to be a guitarist that also dabbles with some songs on keyboard. So I thought I’d break out my other axes and start playing some songs on solo saxophone. That’d be awesome right? It’s been a long time though… The last time I played a reed instrument was a clarinet back in 2006. But it all came back with a little bit of practice. Just gotta redevelop my embouchure. I don’t even own a sax anymore, but I’m going to rent a soprano sax from a music shop and see if I can’t get this to work out.

Stay tuned for the new musical experience!

PS. I’m also betting that you didn’t know that “Eng” is just a “paper name” my grandfather took to come to the United States. My actual last name is “Gong”.