Neverisms and T-Shirts

One of my favorite people in the San Diego music scene is fellow singer/songwriter, Dave Boodakian (aka Dave Booda). While I don’t get to spend very much time with him, nor are we extremely close, I have watched him become a strong advocate for believing in one’s self. He has these philosophies about being successful and life which are obviously strong willed and possibly bullish, but never discounts the positivity that is sure to follow from putting his ideas into practice. Sure maybe some of the ideas possess a certain amount of naivete or egoism, but in a world that may be too self-conscious to be proud, maybe that’s exactly what we need.

Here’s a something from the Huffington Post about “neverisms”. You know that saying, “never say never”? I used to joke around and say that you break your own rule twice if you say that to someone. Anyways, the post is kind of a laundry list of stuff that you should do to have a more fulfilled and successful life. In a sentimental way, it’s beautiful. In a realistic way, it’s kind of true.


I have these stickers that say “I Think I Believe In Myself”. I think I’m finally going to make a t-shirt to compliment that idea. Let me know what you think!