New Album Starts Now

With everything that happened last year (new band, the SDMA nomination, touring, new songs, new opportunities, etc.) I finally feel like the time is ripe for a full length band album!

My last two efforts (download them here) were good records but really were an experiment with songwriting for me. I enjoy the intimacy of both of those sounds but my musical heart has always been devoted to making big sounds. If you’ve seen the band play around town, I think you understand what I mean.

I’ve been meeting and recording with my friend Keith from Light of Day Studios who I’ve had the pleasure of recording with on Brenda Xu and John Hull’s albums. He’s got really strong sensibilities about what makes a good song and I will definitely be relying on Keith and the rest of the band for their musical expertise. The album will have ten tracks on it and you will probably recognize a few of them. But make no mistake, they will sound very different than what you’re used to!

The tricky thing about recording this album is how my songs have very different styles, maintaining the essence of the feel of those songs but making the album feel like a cohesive whole. I think of it like having your iPod on shuffle when you go from the Beatles to Bill Withers to Miles Davis to Jay-Z. They’re all very different sounding and as our ears get more used to these abrupt musical transitions, I think it would be interesting to make an album like that.

We’re going to begin rehearsing for the album sessions starting the end of the month and I’ll try to record most of the journey from here to the album release! It should be a wild ride!

I also just set up a Pledge Music account where you can help me reach my goal to help me with recording and production costs. It hasn’t gone live yet but it probably will at the end of the month. It’s an expensive venture to put out albums and to even play music in general and that’s why your support is so important! We’re going to be offering some exclusive opportunities for people that donate so stay tuned!