Next Steps

June was probably the craziest month of being a musician that I’ve ever had. Aside from going on a ten-day tour of the West Coast, I also had non-stop gigs at the San Diego Fair as a solo act and as the electric guitar player in the John Hull Band who competed in the Musicpalooza contest.

A grand total of 25 shows in 30 days.

Wow, that almost sounds like I’m a professional musician. That also probably explains why I got so sick a few weeks ago. Interestingly enough, I still can’t shake this cough… Here’s to hoping that my body beats it in the next week or so.

Being back in San Diego and not having quite as many shows to do allows for a lot of time to think about what the next steps for me are. If you’ve made it out to any shows, you’ve undoubtedly heard some new songs, new covers, saw some new dance moves (?), etc.

For the next few months, my primary focus will be to keep playing shows and becoming a better entertainer/guitar player/singer, but perhaps not as often so I can focus on writing new and better songs. I want to start working on a new album by the end of this year. That gives me a few months to screw around before I start panicking about not having enough songs for the new album. I already have a the name of the album, so the hard work is done.

I’ve been having a lot of fun posting videos on YouTube. When Michael Jackson died, I learned two Jackson songs- one was “The Way You Make Me Feel” which I play live and the other was “Man In the Mirror” which I posted to YouTube that night. But that’s purely for fun (and primarily out of boredom). Look out for new ones anyway. I promise not to do any Plain White Ts covers but I retain the rights to cover “The Climb” by Miley Cyrus.

I’m also thinking about making major changes to the way I operate and exist on MySpace and FaceBook. My conscious is still fighting with the notion of shameless mass advertising but unlike in the past, my conscious is at least considering it. If I only had people to work on that side of the music business for me… Someday.

There’s a lot on my mind right now and though you may not see me quite as often, I promise that I’m working. I’m working hard. Either on my stuff, with other bands that I’ve been invited to join or just having a good time playing music.

I hate having to plan out career strategies because I feel like talent should be able to move me forward. And to an extent, that couldn’t be further from the truth and it is absolutely the truth. I hate that. But as I approach it from a new angle, I realize that I can’t just move myself forward on my own. Friends can also move you forward. With out your love and support, I’d be nowhere despite all of the trying I might do myself. So thanks to you, my friends. I hope we can hang out soon!