Nice Dream

Last night I had a dream that I opened for Will Ferrell and some other performer in some club, about the same size as Lestat’s West but somehow felt more cramped. I remember going out onto the stage and feeling really uncomfortable about the performance. I think my shoes were too tight and the air was overly humid or something. When I went to adjust the mic stand, it kept falling down as if the telescoping hold was broken. I tried to fix it and after several attempts started to worry that I wouldn’t have enough time for my set. Curiously, I was keeping track of the time by length of my songs. So after two songs, I started to get panicked. Somehow, six songs had passed and I still hadn’t fixed the mic stand. So in a fit of rage and disappointment, I walked off stage. As I looked into the crowd, I noticed that there was no one there and I thought to myself, “Wow. What happened to Will’s career?”

I’m not really sure why I had this dream. It may have been because I played at Lestat’s a that night or that I was watching Chris Rock’s “Kill the Messenger” as I was falling asleep or that I’m afraid of failing. Probably a combination of all of those things. Ironically, I don’t really even care of Will Ferrell’s (recent) movies. Sure does beat the “eternally falling” dreams and the ones where I lose all my hair…

No point to this story really. Just thought I’d share.

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