No Waste

I was walking to El Zarape with Ashley for lunch (order the calamari burrito- seriously) and I had this thought in my head, as I often do. Or at least, try to.

Anyway, the thought went like this (hit it): what if you modeled your life after the concept of “no waste”? I had that phrase in my head and was really only focusing on sustainability and the natural environment. But as I thought about life, I thought “no waste” could apply to the way I live life. Here are the levels of this mantra that I can see (so far):

  • Environmental- This one seems obvious but to really lessen the negative impact of my life on the world around me.
  • Resources- Try not to waste anything (food, money, energy, breaths, etc.).
  • Perception- Not every idea or goal will be successful but “no waste” means thinking of them as successes in the sense that I’ve learned something from them.
  • Music- Working on refining the art and becoming more lean and more mean(ingful) with my songwriting, guitar playing and singing.
The thought is to make this a gradual change in lifestyle. More of an aspirational statement, per se. Obviously, some aspects of this are going to take time but I think keeping the notion of “no waste” at the forefront of my thinking will inevitably become habit.
Here’s to trying!

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