Pay What You Want

I’ve been mulling this idea over for a long time and I think it’s finally time to put this into action.

A few years ago, Radiohead implemented the idea of “Pay What You Want” for their outstanding album “In Rainbows” which people went onto their website and had the option to literally pay what they wanted to pay for their new album. It was revolutionary, not just in concept but in exposure and implementation. Radiohead’s decision as one of the biggest and most respected rock bands of the last two decades to practically give away their music in an era when pirating is a major source of concern for the music industry has galvanized many artists of similar statures and even those who haven’t gotten there yet (like me).

What I am planning to do from now on is to sell my CD’s at live shows in a similar fashion. Any CD from here on out. There will not be a price on the CD’s. Just pay what you want. It could be $20 or it could be free. You decide. Unfortunately, I can’t promise the same for digital downloads or in physical stores yet but as soon as I figure that out how, I’ll let you know. All that I ask is if you do take a CD for free, that you share it with someone you love (or like).

I don’t make music to make money. I make music to make music. I’ve always been conflicted about the idea of asking people to buy my music and I still am. I’ve made a fair amount of money selling my music but it just doesn’t sit well with my ideals. I know that it is necessary to make money to extend the longevity of my career and to keep recording. Someday, I hope that money is not an obstacle for me but in the meantime, I feel that this is a good compromise.

Hope to see you soon!