Saying Goodbye to An Old Friend

It’s funny how attached a person can get to material possessions. I’ve had my trusty silver 2001 Ford Focus since late-2004 and sadly, it was time for me to move on and send my little car off to greener pastures. Maybe it is because I’m another year older that’s making me so sentimental but thinking back on all the fun trips I’ve had in this car makes me feel like I’m saying goodbye to an old friend. So, to express my grief and to memorialize my friend, I wrote a little eulogy. Or e-google-y if you want to get obscure.

Ode to a Focus

Goodbye Focus. You were always so good to me and without you, I would have never gotten to where I am today (literally). Thank you for all of the good times, for never failing me when I needed you and for never causing me too much trouble in terms of maintenance and upkeep. We all have our flaws- yours included a broken rear window, a key lodged in the trunk keyhole, a malfunctioning A/C system and all sorts of leaks and wear and tear. You always looked young and hip, despite having a few miles on you before I got you. Lord knows I put on my fair share of miles after I got you. As for me, I wasn’t the best to you. I should have washed you more. I should have paid better attention when you needed more oil or fluids. It took me two months to replace one of your windshield wipers and looking back on it now, I wish I had taken you for a few more joy rides. You never complained that I pounded on the dashboard when the mp3 player I installed wasn’t working. You never complained when I drove home from the gym at work without taking a shower first. You had all sorts of beverages spilled on your floor mats and yet, you were always so graceful about it. When we moved to Normal Heights together, you got picked on more than ever. I feel responsible for how badly you were treated out there every night but you stood strong and resolute. In fact, you wore those marks like proud battle scars. So I take consolation in the fact that we both loved each other for who we were.  I hope you also take consolation that I got a car dealer to buy you for $800 less than what I bought you for in 2004 which was a ridiculous deal. I know you’ll be going to greener pastures (or as they call them, “wholesale dealers”) in a few days and I hope you can forgive me for not seeing you to your end. If I had my way, I would have. But the way things were going at the negotiating table made it almost impossible to leave with both of you. I can only hope that your next friend treats you better than I treated you because I know you’ll treat them right.

I’ll never forget your beautiful heart and soul and all of our adventures together. I hope that we meet again someday (but hopefully not in some kind of collision). Maybe then, we can go to the beach or drive through the mountains one last time.

You will be missed. Gone but not forgotten. Always in my heart. Goodbye my friend.

2001 Ford Focus, April 2004- May 2011

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