Songs by Local Artists I Want to Cover

I played a show at the legendary Java Joe’s in Ocean Beach the other night and was overwhelmed by the amazing talent of the San Diego music scene. There are so many fantastic singer/songwriters here and it’s a shame that more people aren’t exposed to their music. I think Jeffrey Joe said it best when he said, “On a night like tonight, when there are so many wonderful artists performing at the highest levels, it’s amazing that more people don’t know we are here. I just don’t get it.” There are so many songs floating around San Diego that I love and am incredibly jealous of. Songs that I wish I had written so I could sing them every night. It’d take me days to list then all but a few have been standing out to me lately.

So that being said, here are some songs I selfishly want to cover by other San Diego music scene artists.

Haunted- Isaac Cheong
Big Red Lips- Jeffrey Joe
Don’t Mind Me- Aaron Bowen
I’m Gonna Miss Ya Man- Broni
Hey Anna- Carlos Olmeda
This Time Next Year- Dawn Mitschele 
The Big Screen- Derrick Oshana


If you feel like checking back, I’ll hopefully update this list periodically.

I hope you go see a show by any of these artists sometime soon. I promise it will be worth it.