Thank You from the Adult Books Tour!

I’m sitting in bed right now trying to recover from a cold that I undoubtedly caught from being on the road and the many adventures we had. I wish I could tell you all the crazy antics that went on over the last week but I couldn’t do it justice (and there are video/picture/audio recordings floating around that may or may not be released soon).

So instead, I just want to say thank you to everyone who was so gracious to the four of us over the last week. Thank you to Jonathan (@jonnykdesigns) for making us the great tour shirts and also allowing us to play at his house in LA. Thank you to Navi, Shayna, Jessica/Keven for letting us crash at their places so we didn’t have to stay in hotels (or worse, in the van) every night. Thank you to all of the great venues that let us share our music with the people that came to see us. Thank you to Lou Evans and Jaden La Rue for helping us get shows in San Francisco and LA. Thanks to Jude for helping us with transportation. It was definitely the way to do it.

Thank you Rob and Isaac for a great bunch of shows and all the fun we had on the road. It’s so much of a treat when we not only we like each other’s music but also each other. I had as much fun singing along offstage as I did onstage with those guys. I think we all did and that’s why the shows were so fun. And not to mention all the crazy singing we did when we weren’t even around a stage. I’m secretly hoping that we can do this again soon. Australia?

Lastly, but definitely not least, thank you to Travis for being our driver. I can’t even remember how many times I thought to myself “Thank god we have Travis helping us out” over the course of the last week. At least twice. Plus 500. He was as much of the tour as we were, with his steady driving abilities even on two hours of sleep or introducing us to AMAZING mexican food (La Super Rica, we shall meet again) or his goofy ET impressions during “The Bicycle Song”. Travis was always the guy saying “what can I carry to the venue” when we were all exhausted from the trip (even though he did 95% of the driving and 2.5% of the sleeping). Without him, I think we would have killed ourselves. Literally.

Thank you everyone for making this tour such a success! Here’s to hoping I see you on the road again soon!


PS. Keep an idea out for videos and pictures!