That Was My Last CD

I like to think I’m keeping up with the technology trends when it comes to music. I started doing the “Pay What You Want” thing almost a year and a half ago. I began using the Square Reader to accept credit cards at shows shortly after. And now I’m going to stop selling CD’s.

That’s right. “Live at Lestat’s” will be/was the last physical CD I make as an independent artist.

It just makes sense for me. It’s environmentally friendly, it’s less stuff to lug around in my gig bag (and to store at home) and ultimately, it’s cheaper for me to make an album. I know it might sound like a bad idea, especially to my music friends who have been selling CD’s for as long as they’ve played music. But this is the right choice for me and for my generation (as far as I know). Maybe I lose that immediacy of having something to put into someone’s hands at the end of the show and I lose that opportunity to make a fan. But there’s always other merchandise ideas that can be created in the physical CD’s place like shirts (which I’ve been talking about forever) and posters, etc.

Luckily the next album is still a ways off and I’ll have time to think about this particular issue more. I’m sure I will find a way around that and I’m sure that technology will as well.