Tour Dates Announced

If you remember from the last post, Rob Deez, Isaac Cheong and I are heading out on the road for a bunch of shows up and down the West Coast! Our good friend and co-conspirator Travis of PunkRockPaint is also going to join us as our tour manager/driver/videographer as we get into all sorts of trouble on the road.

Without further ado, here are the tour dates and locations!

12.1 – 7pm
Park La Brea (House Concert)
430 South Burnside Ave
Los Angeles, CA
w/ Jaden LaRue

12.2 – 8pm
SilverBack Habitat
Private House Show
Sausalito, CA

12.3 – 6pm
Ugly Mug Cafe
4640 Soquel Dr
Soquel, CA

12.4 – 7pm
Proper Eats
8638 N. Lombard Ave
Portland, OR

12.5 – 8pm
Up and to the Left (House Concert)
Seattle, WA

12.6 – 8pm
1330 Fillmore St
San Francisco, CA
w/ 4 2Day

12.7 – 7:30pm
Delta of Venus
122 B St
Davis, CA

12.8 – 7:45pm
Spyglass Inn
2705 Spyglass Dr
Shell Beach, CA

12.9 – 8pm
Japangeles (House Concert)
11023 Cardamine Dr
Los Angeles, CA
w/ Jaden LaRue and Okay at Best

12.10 – 8pm
Mueller College
4603 Park St
San Diego, CA
w/ Jaden LaRue and Okay at Best

Now, we really need your help in getting people to the shows. So if you have any friends that want to have a good time with some great music and fun people, please let them know that we’ll be in their neighborhoods soon! There’s a Facebook event page if you’re into that sort of thing and you can follow the Adult Books Tour on Twitter, too!

Travis even designed a few posters for us like the posters below (to see the rest of the posters, go to