What Do You Think? And Should I Care?

As a self-proclaimed artist, it’s always been a major struggle for me to ask people for their opinions. I know that I write music for myself and not to please other people, but I often find joy in making people happy. It’s a strange Catch-22 (and a very fine line) between maintaining artistic integrity and wanting to make sure people have a good time at shows.

Sometimes, I find myself more concerned with what people think about my music. It’s not unreasonable as an artist to ask that, especially when the ultimate goal is to be self-sustaining in your art. The interesting thing is that I really do care and want to have a discussion with you about what you think about my music. It’d be nice to have a barometer like record sales to infer how well I’m doing but honestly, that’s not a true representation of what people think.

So, if you feel inclined, let me know what you honestly think about my music. There are lots of secrets that I can share about my music, lots of layers that can be peeled away but none of that really matters unless you can listen to it!

Also, don’t forget that I’m playing with Bushwalla and Gravity at Lestat’s on Friday night. Check out this poster I made after the jump!