Where the Hell Have I Been?

I’ve been purposely laying low lately.

It’s been a really busy year with all the shows, trips and events and I decided after a particularly hectic month that I needed to scale back for a few weeks. It’s been nice, too for a couple of different reasons: 1) My little break has given me some time to recuperate and reassess my goals for the rest of the year, 2) I’ve been writing new songs that I would have never written had I not been able to lay low, and 3) I’ve reminded myself how fun it is to jam with my friends and just PLAY. In fact, right at this very moment I’m sitting in a bar by myself in downtown San Diego getting ready to spend the next four hours messing around with cover songs I may or may not know but only being concerned with having fun. Yeah, I needed that break.

Well it’s showtime. See you soon!