Words to Live By

In the spirit of full disclosure, I just wanted you know know that we are experiencing some speed bumps on the road to making the next album (already). Go figure. It’s bound to happen with any kind of production like this and mine is no exception.

Sadly, our friend Jeff is leaving the band for personal reasons. I am devastated that he’s leaving, and I’m sure Rodney and Keith are as well. Like I’ve said before, Jeff is a great musician and an even greater friend. For me, it’s like losing a brother that I will still call at all hours of the night for a drink and a laugh. I wish nothing but the best for him and I hope that he will share the stage with us again. Speaking of which, Jeff will be playing with us at the Ruby Room on 2.20. We play late but will be enjoying the evening before hand.

I still plan on writing new songs, reworking older material and playing shows with the band in the meantime. But until we find someone to fill Jeff’s considerably large shoes (literally), it seems like the best decision to make would be to put most of my efforts into finding that person before resuming album production. Keith Orfanides and I have no intention of rushing or half-assing this album. I want to do everything as deliberately as possible and only when the time is right. That way, when the album is finished, all of us will be happy with what we are listening to.

Here’s a little video of some words I live by and especially now.

I love that goofy little gal.

Anyways, I’m playing at UCSD on 2.16 opening for Cary Brothers (“Garden State” soundtrack fame)! It’s going to be a great show!